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Our incredible team of the UK’s cheapest tarot card readers are ready to help you uncover your future and release your past. Our experienced tarot readers will give you an unparalleled level of clarity, from the personally dedicated future predictions you receive. Let the cards show your your future today from 45p per minute, so you can face your future with confidence.

Tarot readings are a process by which a tarot reader physically lays out a spread of cards on a table and interprets the meaning. The type of spread used in tarot readings will depend on the question posed by the querent. If the querent wants a general tarot reading, the reader is likely to use the very popular Celtic Cross spread.

One spread used by highly skilled tarot readers is the Tetraktys spread, based on the philosophy of Plato and the mathematics of Pythagorus. This spread explores everything about you personally, from your basic physicality to your personality, your hidden strengths and weaknesses, and your spiritual self. If you can find a tarot reader who is skilled enough to conduct a Tetraktys spread tarot reading for you, then go for it! It will illuminate your life in ways you never believed possible, and probably change both you and your life for the better.

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